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Built in 1906…

Hotel Mirabelle is a quiet Victorian guesthouse much like you would have found in 1906 San Francisco. The Hotel was built right after the earthquake and has been carefully refurbished to reflect the period’s charm and grace.

Our mission is to provide an oasis in San Francisco’s Mission District for locals, their families and friends, and newcomers alike. We provide a quality home-away-from-home experience at a budget price. We accommodate those needing an extended stay, whether for attending conferences, schools and universities, visiting those in the hospital, relocating or just for a romantic get-away from your daily routine.

We provide you with great customer service, at times beyond the call of duty, to make sure your experience here meets your expectations. We provide a safe and welcoming place for people to meet and mingle, on the deck, or during our complimentary continental breakfast on the weekends, or at our Thursday’s wine and cheese tastings.


We were all about being green before it became popular. To elaborate, before we came on the scene, all the trash from this hotel went into the landfill including, many, many salvable items. We painstakingly recycle and compost everything. We donate all useable items to benefit Project Open Hand. Think for a moment what being green means: green cleaning products, energy-efficient appliances and fluorescent bulbs, and stepping as lightly on the earth as possible. All our baths and showers are down the hall so we can be more efficient and pass the savings on to you. All our rooms are on a “human” scale, so you pay for what you need, not what popular culture tells you what you really should want: is well beyond most individuals on the planet can afford.

We are happy to introduce Hotel Mirabelle to the Mission community, for us, it is about improving the quality of this wonderful neighborhood that is becoming a magnet for people from all over the Bay Area and beyond. We are all about back to the budget concept, especially in these trying economic times.

Maxime Le Forestier wrote & sings "La Maison Blue" & his new album is available.